At ONE Aviation, we believe it’s our responsibility to equip our pilots with the knowledge necessary to safely operate the Eclipse 550. Not only did we build a jet with an incredibly intuitive flight management system, we built one of the most in-depth training programs of any aircraft manufacturer. This includes thorough and complete training on the avionics of the aircraft, resource management, risk avoidance, and how to maintain situational awareness at all times.


It doesn’t matter what you fly now; all you need to pilot the Eclipse 550 is a multi-engine and instrument rating. Our world-class training program will teach you the rest. If you are new to jet aircraft and have fewer flight hours, we will personally help you make the transition. If you are a high-time professional pilot, the transition course will be quick and easy with minimal hassle.


Whether you plan to pilot your own aircraft or fly as a passenger, an Eclipse Jet training package comes standard with every purchase of the Eclipse 550. It’s just another way we reduce your cost of ownership.


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