Eclipse 550 Business Jet
Eclipse 550 Business Jet

Why Fly an Eclipse 550?

Compare Your Options. See the Eclipse Difference.

The Eclipse 550 features best in class safety, performance, and economics. Not only does it allow you to fly in pressurized comfort above the weather at altitudes up to 41,000 feet at a maximum cruise speed of up to 375 knots (430 mph), it does so while consuming just twice the fuel as a large SUV.

When you add the enhanced safety features found in the Eclipse 550 such as Auto Throttles, Anti-Skid Brakes, Synthetic Vision, and Enhanced Vision, and the most sophisticated avionics system in the light jet market, you begin to understand the true value that the Eclipse 550 presents.

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Own the ONLY Twin-Engine Jet Under $3MM

The Eclipse 550 is the only twin-engine jet in production today with an acquisition cost of under $3MM. It also burns 35% less fuel than its nearest competitor and has a Direct Operating Cost that is less than many high performance, single-engine turbo-props.

The LOWEST Direct Operating Costs of Any Twin-Jet

DOC information reflects direct hourly operating costs from BCA 2014 Operations Planning Guide and 2014 Conklin & deDecker Aviation Information. Fuel price set at $6.18 per gallon.

  Fuel Burn Reserves Labor Parts TOTAL
Eclipse 550 $435.11 $222.35 $37.20 $46.53 $741.19
Citation Mustang $618.00 $244.29 $68.82 $84.04 $1,015.15
Phenom 100 $646.70 $238.93 $38.76 $38.30 $962.69
Pilatus PC-12 $409.95 $170.08 $63.24 $78.68 $721.95
King Air C90 $558.67 $214.68 $90.21 $87.00 $950.56
Daher TBM 900 $442.75 $166.71 $69.75 $20.00 $699.21

Taking You Further on LESS Fuel

The Eclipse 550 costs less than any other twin-engine jet to operate. When you look at the specific range of the 550 compared to other aircraft, even most high performance turbo-props, you will see that the Eclipse is truly the most efficient aircraft in production today.

What Is Your TIME Worth?

While some aircraft cost less per hour to operate, the number of hours of operation that it will take to fly the same distance puts that cost in true perspective. And this doesn’t take into consideration the amount of time you will have to spend on the ground refueling! The total DOC (in thousands) to get to 100,000 nm is listed at the end of each bar.

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