ONE Aviation announces new evolutionary Eclipse model...code name "Canada".

QUICKER: Climb to FL410 in 23 minutes. That's 30% quicker than the EA550 HIGHER: Cruise over the weather and most other traffic at @ FL430 FASTER: Estimated Max Cruise speed of 383 KTAS (441 mph) at FL300, and even 373 KTAS (429 mph) at FL430 FARTHER: Go 1,400 nm at max cruise speed with 3 adults and NBAA IFR 100 reserves MORE FUEL: Carry 475 lb (70 gal) more fuel than EA550 HEAD-TURNER: Low-drag wing tips, more windows, exclusive paint schemes, high-end interior finishes, Garmin G3000 panel MORE LOAD: Carry more load over the same distance than the EA550 MORE AIRPORTS: Takeoff shorter and climb out steeper in hot-and-high conditions INCREASED THRUST: Twin P&WC PW615F engines capable of 1,170 lb of thrust each And while these are “Big Improvements” they come from a collection of small, straight forward implementations of existing “Off the Shelf” components and ONE Aviation know-how. “The future of personal & light business jet travel has just been redefined”
Comprehensive 5-year Aircraft Warranty Eclipse Advantage 5-year maintenance program The Eclipse Advantage program includes all standard labor and parts costs for required, scheduled inspections including the 300 hour, 24 month inspection, the 1,200 hour, 48 month inspection, as well as lesser inspections such as battery capacity checks, fire extinguisher inspections, and more





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